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Week 1 Results

Week one, done and dusted! It was good but also quite challenging! There were good days that went well if I was prepared but if I didn’t prepare and plan, I over ate carbs. I have noticed how carbs are the thing I crave the most. I did notice a few things:

  1. I have a higher mental focus and can get most of the important things done in the morning.
  2. I get hungry around 11am, however, if I am busy I can get past this.
  3. I used the gym in North Sydney near my workplace and it was great.

My starting measurements were:

  • Waist 87cm
  • Hip 114cm
  • Chest 97cm
  • Thigh 70cm
  • Weight 80.9kg

After week one (on 21/05/2017), my measurements are:

  • Waist 84cm
  • Hip 112cm
  • Chest 95cm
  • Thigh 67cm
  • Weight 81.6kg

My training in the last week was not as frequent as usual but I made sure that each session was intense.


  • Weight training 60 mins – intense
  • Treadmill – 20 mins, walk (6.0) and run (7.5) alternate


  • Weight training 60 mins – intense


  • Weight training 60 mins – intense
  • Cardio – 10 mins treadmill (6.0)
  • Body weight – 20 mins intense


So, this week has been really good! An overall fat loss of 2-3cm! I’m actually really buzzed about it!